What does it take to build an icon? The Beetle is a favorite for its unique design and vibrant color options, plus it has a long history that is enough to hit on the nostalgia of many people. How do other compact cars compare to this friendly-looking hatchback?

2019 Beetle vs 2019 MX-5 Miata
2018 Beetle vs 2018 500X
2016 Beetle vs 2016 Mini Cooper

Beetle Convertible

Everything that makes the standard Beetle a favorite can be found here, but without a top to cramp your style. The Beetle Convertible shares the same features, but with a power-folding soft top design. Best of all, its low price makes it possible for anyone to enjoy it.



There are a plenty of options on the market if you’re looking for a simple, practical car without the bells and whistles, but for those who enjoy extra frills, the CC is a winner. Unlike other luxury options, it doesn’t get a jaw-dropping price just for its badging.



Each year the VW Golf gets better and better, and this is clearest when comparing it to its competition. The hatchback has more cargo room than most rivals, even competing against SUVs, and its driving style mixes efficiency with fun thanks to a turbocharged engine.

2019 Golf vs 2019 Mazda3 Hatchback
2018 Golf vs 2018 Cruze
2016 Golf vs 2016 Golf GTI

Golf Alltrack

Take the SportWagen model and add standard all-wheel drive, stylish accents, and plenty of additional performance features. We're left with the adventurous Volkswagen Golf Alltrack model that's perfect whether in need of a family vehicle or a cross-country cargo model.

2019 Golf Alltrack vs 2019 Fiat 500L

Golf GTI

While the Golf is a fun car, the Golf GTI adds a bit more excitement to the driving experience. It not only has a more powerful engine and better transmission options, but sporty touches are added to both the interior and exterior to add a sense of style.

2019 Golf GTI vs 2019 Jetta GLI
2018 Golf GTI vs 2018 WRX
2016 Golf GTI vs 2016 Focus ST
2016 Golf GTI vs 2016 Golf R

Golf R

No model within the Volkswagen lineup can boast the specs of the Golf R, which has the most potent engine and standard all-wheel drive, making it a performance powerhouse. It also has an attractive interior with high quality materials, adding to the overall experience.

2019 Golf R vs 2019 Civic Type R
2018 Golf R vs 2018 A5 Sportback

Golf SportWagen

The station wagon was once the very symbol of domestic life, and it’s not hard to see why. The extra cargo space of the Golf SportWagen provides plenty of room for sporting gear, large purchases and more, while having a similar driving style to the standard Golf.

2018 Golf SportWagen vs 2019 Crosstrek
2017 Golf Alltrack vs 2017 Outback


Every vehicle segment holds some appeal to shoppers, but the economy car has a wide reach as it is practical for saving gas on long commutes, and has a low starting price. The Jetta doesn’t make shoppers sacrifice quality either, with well-fitted, premium materials.

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2019 Jetta GLI vs 2019 Civic Si
2018 Jetta vs 2018 Focus
2017 Jetta vs 2017 Impreza
2016 Jetta vs 2016 Civic
2016 Jetta vs 2016 Passat


Who says a family car can’t be fun to drive? Volkswagen certainly doesn’t hold this to be true, as the Passat earns high praise for its driving style, while still offering a roomy interior and other benefits shoppers look for most.

2020 Passat vs 2019 Fusion
2018 Passat vs 2018 Altima
2016 Passat vs 2016 Camry


It’s clear crossovers are becoming a high-demand option as drivers enjoy the high ride height, more spacious interiors and feeling of stability. The smaller size of the Tiguan makes it easy to maneuver, and it doesn’t drop down in efficiency like bulkier options.

2019 Tiguan vs 2019 Rogue
2018 Tiguan vs 2017 Tiguan
2016 Tiguan vs 2016 Touareg


When it comes to premium SUVs, often the price doesn’t match what is offered. This isn’t the case with the Touareg, which not only has a host of premium standard features, but is a model that is built with the capabilities that are expected of models within the segment.


The Atlas is an exciting SUV, and as the newest model in the VW lineup, it also comes equipped with some of the latest technology. With three rows of seats, all-wheel drive options, tons of technology and plenty of power, the Atlas is one enticing proposition.

2019 Atlas vs 2019 Santa Fe XL
2018 Atlas vs 2018 Traverse
2018 Atlas vs 2018 CX-9



The newest addition to the VW lineup is the Volkswagen Arteon. The Arteon is a sports sedan, combining the style of a coupe, the practicality of a sedan, and the thrills of a sports car into one magnificent package!

2019 Arteon vs 2019 IS
2019 Arteon vs 2018 Taurus