2017 Volkswagen Beetle West Chester PA

2017 Volkswagen Beetle West Chester PA

When you see yourself driving down the road, what image comes to mind? If the idea of sitting behind a small compact sedan in a neutral tone has you feeling dull, regain your automotive enthusiasm with the 2017 Volkswagen Beetle, available in West Chester PA here at Garnet Volkswagen. The model continues to thrive after more than six decades because its unique appearance allows it to stand out in the market. So many compact cars look surprisingly similar, but the Beetle is highly recognizable at a glance.

So what makes the 2017 Volkswagen Beetle so special? Even though it has been around for a long time, the model has seen many changes throughout the years, leading to the current model year. It shares much of the design DNA as the original, but at the same time has a refreshed look that at once hints at its retro heritage, while also appealing to modern aesthetics. This year, the standard model has upgrades to the front and rear bumper to bring it closer to the sportier look of the R-Line trims.

2017 Volkswagen Beetle Performance


Though practical in many ways, one of the highlights of driving a Beetle is undeniably its style. The Beetle is a standout because it takes circular elements and runs with them, but the newest look is subtly sportier, and the new R-Line bumpers add an air of aggression to an otherwise bubbly vehicle.


2017 Volkswagen Beetle Features


The 2017 Beetle is available with two engine options, the standard 1.8T or the 2.0T found in the R-Line. This means 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque for most trims, but an impressive 210 horsepower for those looking for the aggressive styling and capability achieved from the R-Line.


2017 Volkswagen Beetle Style


Standard features are an important consideration, especially in compact cars where important amenities are sometimes cut to increase savings. Not so in the Beetle, which is not only outfitted with premium materials, but comes standard with automatic headlights, heated side mirrors and Bluetooth.

2017 Volkswagen Beetle Silk Blue
2017 Volkswagen Beetle bronze color
2017 Volkswagen Beetle Second Glovebox
2017 Volkswagen Beetle Dune Interior

Pick your 2017 VW Beetle at Garnet Volkswagen

If you’ve already decided on the 2017 Volkswagen Beetle, then the fun part is picking out the right one for you. Not only can you select from the standard S, SE, SEL and R-Line trims, but this year brings two special edition options: The Beetle Dune and #PinkBeetle. All trims are available in coupe or convertible styles and seat four passengers, so you’re left to decide on the options that best suit your need for style and comfort.

The 2017 Volkswagen Beetle Dune is a unique choice for those who are looking for a slight off-roading edge. As the name implies, it was designed around the concept of driving through desert terrain, and it’s based off the Baja Bug – the name given to enthusiast-modified Beetles with higher ground clearance, larger wheels and improved suspension.

On the flip side of the aggressive Beetle Dune is the #PinkBeetle. This model was inspired by the demands of consumers, who always scoop up these bright color choices whenever available. Volkswagen listened to this request for a vibrant and feminine option, and delivered in the form of a Fresh Fuchsia Metallic paint color.

Even if you choose a standard 2017 Volkswagen Beetle option, you’re sure to admire it for its looks and peppy engine options. Find out if it’s right for you when you stop by Garnet Volkswagen to take the Beetle for a test drive.

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